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Conveniently located on the Opatija Riviera and on the road to Istria, Medveja is ideal as a starting point for organizing various excursions to Ucka Natural Park,  Opatija, Moscenice, Brsec, Island of Cres, Trsat, Kastav etc. 

01) Ucka Natural Park

Natural Park Ucka, Croatia

The Ucka Natural Park includes Mount Ucka and part of the Cicarja mountain area, runs parallel to the Adriatic coast just where the Istrian peninsula meets the continental part of Croatia. 

The Park can be reached both from Istria and from the Kvarner area through the Tunnel of Mount Ucka (Veprinac exit) and the Jadranska Magistrala State Road,  or once in Lovran just follow the signs for Liganj.

The park area is ideal for lovers of outdoor sports: there are paths for climbing, running, walking and paragliding and paragliding are also organized ...

02) Mošćenice

Moscenice, Croatia

Moscenice is located above Moscenicka draga and a typical hilltop village with stone houses rising to 173m above sea level with a spectacular view of the Kvarner Bay. The village is connected to Moscenicka Draga by a road and a staircase with 750 steps leading from the beach of Sveti Ivan or San Giovanni to the village center. To see the old church of Sant'Andrea, the ethnographic museum and the oil mill.

03) Cres

Cres, Croatia

Island Cres is the second largest island among the Kvarner islands: the port of Brestova from which ferries depart for Porozina on the island cres is located just 20 km from Medveja. The island is famous for its beautiful pebble and sandy beaches: it is still an island not very touristy, where you can relax and enjoy the excellent local cuisine ...

04) Trsat 

Trsat, Croatia

Trsat is part of the city of Rijeka: it is located on the hill above the city 34 km from Medveja, and its castle rises above the gorge of the Rjecica river just one kilometer from the sea. The castle stands on the ruins of the pre-existing Roman fortress and was built by the Frankopan princes of Krk in the thirteenth century. Also worth seeing is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat: according to legend, in 1291 the house of Mary in Nazareth appeared in the place where today the sanctuary is moved by the angels and later disappeared mysteriously to reappear in Loreto, in Italy where it was transformed into sanctuary. According to others, Prince Nikola Frankopan sent a delegation to Nazareth who returned with the stones of the walls that made up the house, had it rebuilt and donated it to the Pope who had it transferred to Ancora and placed in Loreto 

05) Kastav

Kastav, Croatia

Kastav is a beautiful fortified medieval town with nine defensive towers located 377 m above sea level just 6 km from Opatija and 16 km from Medveja. In the main square there is the beautiful Kastel of 400, then there are a beautiful city gate with the coat of arms of the Jesuits, the Loggia of 1551, the ruins of the Church of the Assumption, the Zudika tower and the church of Santa Elena della Croce, patron saint of the city. Kastav is a place of art and culture, there are beautiful sculptures in all its streets, on the walls of the houses and in the alleys, and during the Carnival ancient costumes and spectacular traditions are dusted off