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Our sea view Sky Pool Villa Medveja has been specially designed to provide a rejuvenating stay with soothing sauna and hot tub sessions,  to enjoy in the privacy of your villa - anytime you want.

The Villa is equipped with bath tub designed by the award winning Marc Sadler.

The bath is equipped with the Ghost spa system, colour therapy and a fabulous range of spa system features. 

Innovative and truly distinctive design

All the Fusion hardware is concealed. There are no visible faucets while the drain outlet and overflow is designed without any intrusive holes on the tub’s inner surface.

Villa Medveja, Croatia - Fusion Spa 200 Treesse Innovative design

Unique infinity style overflow system

The Fusion hydrorelax bathtubs and spas have been designed to overflow continuousely while heating the water in the process and create tranquile-relaxing atmosphere enhanced by unique light therapy shows.

Villa Medveja, Croatia - Fusion Spa 200 Treesse overflow system

Air-assist hydromassage system

Air is injected into the hydro massage system to achieve a more pleasurable massage effect.

Villa Medveja, Croatia - Fusion Spa 200 Treesse hydromassage system

Relaxing, soul and mind smoothing chromotherapy

Light shines from all around the bath perimeter - this creates a blade of light that “magically” animates the water swirl from the hidden nozzles. The concealed underwater chromotherapy system is designed to provide an unparalleled light therapy effect.

Temperature control and recirculation

The Fusion line hydrorelax bathtubs and spas feature advanced bath controller with water recirculation, temperature control and modern capacitive glass keypad.

Villa Medveja, Croatia - Fusion Spa 200 Treesse temperature control