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Due to its location along the coastal road from Rijeka to Pula, Medveja is a tourist resort to choose not only for its beautiful beach or comfortable camping, but also as a base for organizing excursions to other holiday resorts on the coast. of the Opatija Riviera, but also of Istria. 

Medveja is close to a good part of the most famous resorts in the northern part of Croatia, but also to some of the most popular resorts on the Croatian Adriatic. Staying in Medveja, which is an extremely quiet village, you should not give up an evening of entertainment on the Riviera, a concert perhaps at the Pula Arena, or a night of dancing in the clubs on the coast, but also in Rovinj and Porec. ..

As for the day trips, the following are unmissable:



Villa Angiolina, Opatija, Croatia

Opatija is located 9km from Medveja and is the tourist and administrative heart of the Opatija Riviera, it has night clubs, hotels, casinos, restaurants and beautiful terraced beaches, outdoor marine pools and a long, very long promenade that connects it to all the towns of the Riviera ...

2) KRK

Panorama of Island Krk, Croatia

The island of Krk is 65km from Lovran, and is easily accessible by car thanks to its toll bridge. You can see the beautiful city of Krk, but also its rich network of cycling and walking routes that connects all the towns of the island

. Panorama, Krk, Croatia Island of Krk, Croatia Bridge Krk, Croatia Krk from the sea, Croatia

3) Natural Park Učka

Ucka Vojak tower, CroatiaMountain ucka, trekking, Croatia
Medveja is located on the slopes of Mount Ucka, so a visit to this spectacular mountain is a must, which holds many surprises. The Natural Park of Mount Ucka includes Mount Ucka and part of the Cicarija mountains - covering an area of 160kmq - the highest point is Vojak at 1401m and Veli Planik at 1272m. The park has numerous educational and hiking trails that are well marked with signs indicating directions, locations and distances. Inside the park there are several characteristic and historical refuges and buildings: the Poklon Refuge built in 1887, and the rest area at the Korita spring, the Montano Na Koritima refuge which offers accommodation for the night and service on weekends. restaurants, the medieval castle of Kozljak built in the twelfth century on a steep rock on the now dried up lake of Cepic: only the steep staircase and part of the defensive wall remain of the castle. And one of the most representative buildings of the Park, the Vojak tower built in 1911 from which you can enjoy a unique view of the sea, the Istrian peninsula, the Kvarner, but also the mountains of Gorski Kotar, Mount Velebit and the Alps - is it was renovated in 2004.


Pula Arena, Croatia

By car you can reach Pula that is just 79km from Medveja. You can visit the city and the famous Arena, and the nearby village of  Premantura that is located on a long peninsula that extends into the sea and has beautiful beaches of rock and pebbles and high cliffs from which you can dive spread over more than 30km of coastline ...


Medulin, Croatia

Medulin is about  85km from Medveja and has beautiful beaches of sand, rocks and pebbles, partly covered by pine forest and an articulated coast full of bays, inlets and paths for bicycle or walking.


Vodnjan, Croatia

Vodnjan is just 72km distance from Medveja, it is a small picturesque town with old Venetian style houses and excellent restaurants ...


Fort Punta Christo, Stinjan, Croatia

In Stinjan, 81km from Medveja, there is the famous Fort Punta Christo, once a defensive fortress today an outdoor disco and outdoor-indoor club, where the Sea-Splash Festival is held ...

08) Brijuni National Park

Brioni national park, Croatia

Brijuni Islands Park - Fazana near Pula is the starting port for excursions to Brijuni Islands National Park and is only 80km from Medveja